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ELIGLOW is cultivating confidence and beauty from the inside out, emphasizing the significance of "nourishing the soul" while also "nourishing the roots."

ELIGLOW is a brand founded by several women entrepreneurs who have experienced scalp problems. It was created in association with a senior industry expert who has over 30 years of expertise developing hair care products. Their intention goes beyond addressing their own scalp and hair loss issues; they aspire to help and support those who are going through similar struggles.


Why concentrate on scalp-related products?

Each founder has personally encountered the frustration of scalp issues. Some thinned gradually as a result of environmental causes, frequent travel, and stress at work; some had thin hair from an early age and had to spend a lot of money to maintain volume; and some were young when they developed baldness and had to cover it up with hats. In addition to causing aesthetic issues, hair loss also causes difficulty, anxiety, and a decline in confidence. For a few, it even has an impact on their day-to-day activities, social relationships, and professional image. In recent years, scalp problems even have become more common in men and women, even at a younger age.

Scalp care is more than just simple treatment; it involves a combination of targeted scalp treatments and consistent maintenance with the appropriate scalp care products. The founders were even more determined to develop scalp and hair solutions after coming to this realization. Working together with a well-known industry expert, they developed products that were appropriate for various scalp conditions, while attempting to maintain costs that were affordable. This ensures that everyone can enjoy high-quality scalp and hair care products and address their specific concerns.


They are not just entrepreneurs or product creators; they have a profound understanding of the pain points of their customers, adding a touch of allure to their ventures.

This industry expert, with over 30 years of experience, not only possesses rich research and development expertise but also oversees an extensive research laboratory. To date, they have successfully developed over 5000 different products and have exported them to more than 20 countries globally. Recognizing the need to address scalp issues, they introduced their flagship products: the SALPZ Scalp and Hair Care Series and the ELIGLOW Scalp Care Treatment Set. These products feature French Dead Sea Mud and Swiss Apple Stem Cells as key ingredients. Additionally, they have also incorporated pure essential oils into the product line aims to soothe the scalp and provide both physical and mental relaxation in response to the stresses of contemporary living.


Furthermore, ELIGLOW is committed to a fundamental idea of Modern Retail: fusing “experience” and “technology”. This makes buying more flexible and easier by enabling clients to take advantage of the ease of online shopping combined with the option to visit ELIGLOW's physical scalp care specialized boutiques for in-person product trials and expert consulting services.



ELIGLOW, 是由几位拥有头皮问题的创始人,联手一位有超过30年美发产品研发经验的前辈一起创立的品牌。他们的初衷不仅为了解决自身头皮,脱发问题,并且希望可以服务和帮助到更多和自己一样面对着同样烦恼的人群。